lens ducts

Lens Ducts / Light Pipes

This truly unique product showcases our abilities in design and precision tooling. These multifaceted components, with a combination of spherical, cylindrical and plane faces, are all optically polished and manufactured to exact tolerances by sophisticated design methods, optically precise tooling and skilled craftspeople

  picture of lens ducts
  • UV Fused Silica
  • Undoped YAG
  • Kigre Glasses
  • Radius
  • Knife Edge
  • Micro Lens
  • Ducts Large
  • Lens Ducts
colored lens ducts



Flatness > l/10 or better 
Wedge Angle < 10"
Surface Finish Scratch/Dig < 10/5
Parallellism < 10"
Edge - Knife Edge


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